Diving and Snorkeling the Great Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is located in the middle of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll and only a 15 minute boat trip from Calypso. It is a deep dive at around 130’ with huge geological formations in the dive. It is also a common dive to see sharks.


Dive the blue hole

The Great Blue Hole is a 984’ wide and 410’ deep sink hole with huge stalactites. Sharks are commonly seen on this 130’ deep dive. The rim of the Blue Hole is great for snorkeling, but the highlight is the sereal dive into the abyss.



The geological formations in the Great Blue Hole make this dive unique and spectacular. The divers get an up close look at the gigantic stalactities. Because of our close proximity to the Blue Hole, we arrive before the populated dive boats arrive making the experience sereal. We often see many caribbean reef sharks on this dive.


Abundant Sea life and vibrant coral

It is not uncommon to see sharks, turtles, eels, spotted eagle rays, tarpon and huge and colorful coral all in one dive. The visibility is usually extensive. There are numerous spectacular wall dives along Long Caye. Octopus, dolphins, manta rays, and whales can also be spotted.